Mediation is the process wherein a neutral third party, a mediator, facilitates communication between parties in an effort to resolve divorce-related issues including property division, custody, custodial access, child support and spousal support. All communications that occur within the mediation are confidential and cannot be used if the case eventually goes to court. Therefore, mediation is a safe environment to communicate and attempt to amicably resolve disputes. 

Mediation allows you, the participants, to craft an agreement that works best for your and your family. Additionally, mediation can save your family money, time and the emotional turmoil that protracted litigation in the court system will cost. Parties who participate in reaching their own agreements in mediation are also more likely abide by the agreement than if the court issues an Order because it is custom tailored to meet your family's needs instead of being a boilerplate solution. 

Cary Jacobson has been a mediator since 2008 and has assisted numerous couples reach agreements. If mediation is the right choice for your and your family, Cary Jacobson will work with you to effectively communicate with one another and explore options that you may not have considered. 

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