Collaborative Divorce is a process that allows you and your spouse to negotiate the terms of your own divorce with minimal court involvement. In fact, a central feature of the Collaborative process is that you, your spouse, and your Collaborative team must sign a participation agreement that requires you to keep matters out of Court. The participation agreement also requires transparency so that you and your spouse are free to communicate openly throughout the Collaborative process, knowing that nothing you say will be used against you in Court.  

In regular meetings with your Collaborative team, you and your spouse have the opportunity to identify shared interests and goals, and brainstorm options to reach a mutually acceptable resolution. Not only is Collaborative often less expensive and stressful than litigation, it also provides a framework for resolving disputes and building positive momentum for the future. 

Divorce is an emotional, financial and legal process. In Collaborative, you and your spouse will be represented and supported by your attorneys throughout the process. Depending on your family's needs, various other professionals are available to help as part of your Collaborative team, including financial neutrals, who helps evaluate your financial situation, needs, and options; divorce coaches, who address emotional issues particular to the divorce process; and child specialists that help evaluate the developmental needs of your children and resolve co-parenting challenges. Your Collaborative team adds value to the divorce process by allowing you and your spouse to have the benefit of attorneys, as well as a highly qualified, skill-specific team to address all aspects of your divorce.

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