How to tell your kids that you are divorcing

You and your spouse have made the difficult decision to get a divorce. Now, you have to tell the kids. It is important that you do so in a way that will protect them as much as possible. Kids are very perceptive. Try not to hide things from them because they know something is happening even if you have not told them. However, you should only tell them in a way that is age appropriate. 

1) Have a unified message. It is important that you and your spouse explain to the children that no matter your differences you plan to work to put their needs first. 

2) Don't blame the other parent. Neither of you should bad mouth or blame each other about why you are choosing to get divorced. If you do so, this will cause your children to feel as though they have to choose sides when all they want to do is to love both of you. 

3) Consistency is key. Do your best to maintain a consistent routine. Dr. Michelle Rozen says to "Be as specific as you can in telling your kids what they should expect in the future as far as school and living arrangements. Give them concrete information and stick to it. Do not make promises that you cannot keep. Knowing what to expect and then seeing that it actually happens, will alleviate a lot of their anxieties." 

More than anything else, be there for your kids in this difficult time and let them know that you still love them. 

See "Kids, We Have Something To Tell You" by Gia Miller for more tips on how to tell your children about your divorce.