There is no longer the stigma that once was associated with filing Bankruptcy.  It is intended to be a fresh start to get you back on your feet after a time of financial trouble.

Most people that decide to file Bankruptcy do so as a last resort after experiencing years of financial hardship or unexpected and extreme financial set-backs; such as, job loss, reduction in hours, divorce or illness. In such tough times, the most beneficial approach can be filing Bankruptcy.  An attorney at Jacobson Family Law can assist you in assessing your legal options if you are having serious financial challenges.

There are two major types of Bankruptcy filings for an individual consumer: Chapter 7 (Liquidation) and Chapter 13 (Reorganization).During Bankruptcy, a Trustee is appointed to evaluate the Debtor's assets and liabilitieswherein the Debtor may keep some, if not all, of their property while satisfying as many eligible debts as possible. Any remaining debts are discharged except for those of certain types; such as, domestic support obligations, student loans, most tax debt, debt obtained by fraud, and most debt owed to governmental agencies.

If you are experiencing financial difficulties, schedule an appointment today with an experienced Bankruptcy attorney at Jacobson Family Law to assist you in obtaining the fresh start you need.  

We are a debt relief agency. We help people file for bankruptcy relief under the Bankruptcy Code.